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There is more to salsa than chips, and we can teach you everything you need to know about it. We are the Latin Rhythm, a couple from Colombia with salsa in our veins – and the skill to find your right foot, should you suffer from the all too common “two left feet.”

Salsa means mixture; just like the dip is made of many condiments and spices, the musical genre is also a mixture of rhythms, born in the Caribbean, well-influenced by African beats, with Latin American moves, spread to the world by immigration and the passion for moving to the beat. Salsa brings a mixture of positive vibes; you feel empowered by The Latin Rhythm from head to toe.

Sometimes described as the classical music for the masses, salsa is not a closed and unchanging genre, but rather a set of genera, with elements of jazz (you know Mambo and Cha Cha Cha). Because so many different peoples felt at ease with this music, salsa dancing was a way of socialising when it first took off in the streets of New York – and it can still be today! Salsa dancing is great for general exercise, all the while learning the art of dancing, the sensual practice of musical seduction, the wonderful pleasures of socialising, the magic of meeting new people, and the privilege of having a lot of fun.

We are very pleased to invite you to be a part of our Latin Rhythm Family. Come along to enjoy with us in this authentic and unique Latin experience, where the only requirement we ask is that you bring FUN.


My wife and I were very fortunate to know Eddy and Goyo. We wanted a something different in terms of  entertainment at our wedding as well as  something unique for the first dance not the classic Waltz. Eddy and Goyo were very reliable,friendly and creative.They help us out in choosing the music as well the choreography as well as entertaining all the guests at our wedding evening party” – Catalin


“Thank you very much Eddy and Goyo for making my day so special!My husband and I were very pleased with your services.You were local,very accessible,always friendly,flexible and understanding in our rehearsal session (I am a very slow learner myself!).As one of my friends would say:You provided us with London high standard services at Colchester rates.
A very professional and organised team !
Once again thank you very much!” - Mariana

"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way"